Homosexuality in your genes?

"Homosexuality is a result of many genes," ("Erbgutstudie: Homosexualität ist Ergebnis vieler Gene"), German magazine Der SPIEGEL titles an article in today’s online edition. And I am once more amazed at how absolute such a statement can be posited # especially since the careful reader of the article will quickly find out that a genetic origin of homosexuality is nothing but a theory which has not been proven until today. Researchers have neither been able to point out a single gene responsible for homosexuality ("Ein einzelnes Schwulen-Gen wurde aber nie entdeckt"), nor has the latest study more to offer than a small statistic anomally in a test group of 456 men.
Could this be because there is a much simpler, more convincing answer available? At least in my Bible, homosexuality is one of the manifestations of a perverted, sinful mind and lifestyle (Romans 1:28ff). But of course, to say this would be way too intolerant, wouldn’t it?

Server down # again

Since we had a complete reinstall done in October (?) 2004, our server had been running without interruption or even a single reboot # until Friday night. I came home from our open youth café quite late, just wanted to sign off on a few new pages and ran into a critical error about MySQL not responding. Thinking that mysqld might simply have hung and need to be restarted for some reason, I ran a “ps aux”, just to be greeted by a list of about a zillion processes. It looked like, starting at about 16:00, every single process, including cron jobs, had refused to terminate when it was done. After hitting “killall” for a couple of biggies, I requested a reboot and signed off. Unfortunately, the server never came live again.
Finally, Saturday evening, after hitting “yes” on a few hundred file-system fixes, I managed to boot back into the system. Now, it seems as if almost everything is back to normal. But I still have to sort through a large number of stuff stuck in /lost+found/. And I’m going to design a backup system that is way more detailled then what I have now.

Easy Fix

Sometimes you just have to be amazed at how easily some things can be fixed when you just do it yourself. A prime example: A few days ago, the visor on my wife’s car wouldn’t stay up any more. Somehow, the resistance was broken and it would just flop down and hang right in your face. At first, we simply taped it to the ceiling, but, with all the sun and the reflections on winter roads, that wasn’t a solution for long.
So, finally, I took the car to the local Opel dealer. Now, I should tell you that the visor consists of two parts: the axis around which it turns, and the visor proper. Broken as it was, you could easily pull the visor part from the axis and see that a little nose on the plastic axis was missing. “Small part, can’t cost a whole lot,” I thought. Of course, I was proven wrong. At the Opel dealership, they told me the visor was only available as a complete unit # for the price of 50 €!
Coming home, I once more took the broken visor off its axis. I tightly wound some adhesive tape several times around the axis, making it thicker. Using light force, I pushed the visor back on its axis, and: voilà! The additional thickness provides a new resistance and the visor once more stays in any position you put it.
I considered selling the rest of my adhesive tape to the Opel dealer. I wonder whether he might want to buy it at 500 € # still a bargain for hime, since he could easily fix more than ten units …

Über Christoph

Christoph Fischer (* 1978) ist Pfarrer der Evangelischen Landeskirche in Württemberg auf der Pfarrstelle “Erlöserkirche” in Albstadt-Tailfingen.

Christoph ist verheiratet mit Rebecca. Gemeinsam haben sie drei Töchter.